Bondi Tens Rugby Championship


Travels and Accommodation

Bondi Tens also cater for the players’ travels and accommodation. Often, players complain about having tight schedules, and the immediate solution proffered is fixing matches of the same community a few days apart. Also, games are set by different clubs and leagues and often take place across the country. Hence, players have to travel from time to time and lodge against the tournament date.

The job of securing accommodation for players lies solely with the league. For two years, Wentworth has been sponsoring our players’ travel and accommodation. Depending on whether the match is domestic or international, players often embark on short or long-distance journeys.

A team can only be promoted across the globe through international games. Hence, travel is inevitable and, most importantly, must be convenient and stress-free.  For Bondi Tens, we have partnered with one of the best travel management firms in Sydney, Australia, and this firm is known as Wentworth.

Wentworth Travel

Wentworth travel has been sponsoring the Bondi Tens Championship over the years. They offer the best services when it comes to securing accommodation and travel services. Their services include directing the team’s daily travelling experience, tours, and managing to the house. With Wentworth Travel, you enjoy a delectable and convenient travel experience.

During Bondi Tens, the club does not worry about travel management or accommodation. All we do is register the names and details of all players and game officials with them, and they complete all the processes effortlessly.

They cover all our local and international travels. Their extensive database of global connections aids their international travel services. Wentworth is associated with several countries, and thus immigration is easier.

Wentworth Travel is located along St. Woollahra Street in Sydney. You can also visit their website for bookings by clicking here or send an email to


The team is usually led by the coach and assisted by the captain. Depending on the distance, the team may arrive days earlier than the game day for adequate preparation or to familiarise themselves with the new environment.

Accommodations are secured with standard hotels, and the coach can find near fields for training. For local games, the coach also leads the team some hours before the start of the game. Unlike international games, players go to local games by road. 

There are no special requirements for international travels except going through the complete registration and the country’s immigration process. For instance, each player must own a national passport and have visas in their names. The coach would always communicate other requirements.

No, they don’t. Travels and accommodation are usually sponsored, although a player may opt for other options in rare cases. If the player wishes to travel on his own, say through a private jet, or cannot make the appointed travel schedule, he must seek permission from the coach.

In most cases where the matches are national (for the country), the government pays the travel and accommodation expenses.