Bondi Tens Rugby Championship


Our Teams

A regular rugby competition team comprises fifteen players. Also, a league consists of several teams or clubs—the following forms a league of Bondi tens championship teams since 2012.

Birdsville Toucans

The Birdsville Toucans is formed from various local clubs such as Randwick, Wollongong and the famous Gus. One of the Toucans club founders is Papa George, and plays a crucial role in the Toucans’ development.

The team is filled with talented players who are passionate about Rugby and long for the championship cup.

Balmoral Rugby Club

The Balmoral Rugby club has been in existence for nearly 15 years and was established by a team of Rugby enthusiasts based on their tour reports. Hence, the club principles are based on the fusion of tourism and playing Rugby.

Nonetheless, the purpose of creating the club surpasses having fun and touring but includes creating job opportunities, connections and relationships.

Brothers Team

The club’s full name is “Brothers from other mothers” and is established by a group of ecclesiastic individuals from St. Joseph Church. They discover Rugby via their numerous investigative expeditions. Some of the founding fathers are Azar Ben and Ronald Gorman.

Bondi Tens is their first tournament game.

Bronte Bros

The bronze bros is an amalgamation of the grade players and subby that stay predominantly in Bronte. They are associated with New Zealand Rugby, and the team was created for accessible immigration services, among other reasons. With Rugby, they can enter and exit Australia to New Zealand easily and vice versa.

The Bronze Bros as a club focuses on using rugby competitions to win more employment opportunities and create a new field.

C-town Wingmen

The C-town wingmen have also been around for a long and even witnessed the 2012 Bondi tens rugby cup championship. They have great players from different parts of the country and beyond and with other skills.

In 1962, a group of individuals who had experience rugby in North Queensland and pooled together resources to start one in their local community. The founding fathers of C-town wingmen were friends, and thus the club was guided by this ideology.

Their rugby game performance is awe-inspiring, and everyone looks forward to seeing them during Sydney sevens.

Hammerheads Rugby Club

The hammerheads rugby club originated from a parent club that was described as too large and not inclusive. Hence, the Hammerheads was created as a minor rugby team to train and participate in tens’ championship cup.

ARAS (All Red All-stars) Club

This team consists extensively of players known as “the red nuts”. The club has committed and hardworking rugby players and, therefore, have faced and overcome distinct challenges. It is no lie that the ARAS club is greatly revered in the Rugby world.

Whether domestic or international, all players are entitled to a kit bag containing a vest and sun-protective wears. Also, they have a vast and very supportive fanbase.

Other teams include

  • Sydney jumbucks
  • Tattersalls club
  • Ramrod team
  • The Red Indians

Before the successive Bondi tens championship league, an updated list of participating teams would be available.