Bondi Tens Rugby Championship


Our Program

Rugby operates similarly to a football game, and therefore, several tournaments and events make up a season. A significant event often associated with Bondi Tens is its Rugby ten’s championship game.

Bondi Tens National Rugby Championship

Due to the ravaging Coronavirus disease, the national tens rugby championship did not hold. However, plans for the resumption of activities are being made ahead of 2022.

Usually, Rugby involves two teams of fifteen players, each that contest against the other for eighty minutes, separated into halves by a five-minute break. The game can be grouped into categories: the tens’ Rugby, which is distinctive by the time feature.  The time allotted for a tens’ rugby game does not exceed twenty minutes divided into ten minutes each for halves.

Bondi Tens Rugby game is a community rugby tournament that takes place every year. Comprehensively, the Bondi tens course include

A Welcome Reception

Our games involve intra-club competitions and may also be inter-club when we partner with other local clubs. On the first day of the championship, we organise a welcome reception for all players, officials, and attendants.

The reception party includes various fun activities and a general introduction to Rugby game practice. It commences late in the evening at Woollahra hotel, Woollahra.

Pool Rugby Games

One of the fun activities you get to engage in at the Bondi tens is the pool matches. It happens on the second day of the program from noon to 7 pm.

Often, we use the Woollahra playing fields since most of our activities take place there anyways.

Bondi 10s Cup

Bondi 10s Cup is one of the major highlights of the week’s event. It is divided into stages featuring different rounds, quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals.

Various teams battle the ball to score points which are cumulated to determine the winner of the competition. The grand final winner is awarded the 10s championship cup. 

The championship cup also includes the Bondi 10s plate and Bondi 10s bowl.

Over 35's competition

Over 35’s competition, as the name implies, refers to games between teams that contain players over the age of thirty-five.

Games Afterparty

After a long week full of eventful activities, we organise an afterparty game to mark the tens cup’s official close.

Bondi 10's ladies' night

The ladies’ night is a 2-day event that holds annually on a prescheduled date. It may run into the weekend from Thursday to kick off the Sydney seven.

The event attracts an audience from far and near and may involve up to five hundred players at second and third Woollahra ovals.

Sydney Sevens Weekend

Our beloved community, Sydney, has over the years been referred to as the home of Rugby. Hence, the sevens weekend often attract a lot of population within and outside of the country and as suggested by the name, it takes place for as long as a week.

The event is particularly significant and central to the promotion of Rugby beyond our local community.

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