Bondi Tens Rugby Championship


The Draws

You can keep up with live updates, scores, fixtures, and results here. However, these updates are only limited to Rugby games in Sydney. The fixtures also involve various local clubs in Sydney, mainly as it concerns the Cup Championship. The clubs include Sydney jumbucks, tattersalls club, ramrod, the Red Indians, etc.

Balmoral Rugby Club

Balmoral Rugby Club was established in 2006 by Rugby enthusiasts who discovered the game during their tour. The club’s main objective is to fuse Rugby with tourism and help people with various opportunities and connections.

Brothers Team

The brothers’ team stems from the church- St. Joseph. Azar Ben and Ronald Gorman were among the team founders that formed BRM (Brothers from other mothers). Like most clubs, they also discover Rugby from their travelling experience.

Ever since its inception, they have participated in the Bondi Tens tournament game.

Birdsville Toucans

The Toucans club came to be as a result of various clubs’ coalitions. The clubs that came together to form the Birdsville Toucans include Randwick, Gus, and Wollongong. The famous Papa George is also part of the founding father.

The Toucans have developed over the years and have young passionate players who always look forward to the annual cup championship.

Bronte Bros

A few years ago, the grade players and subby came together to form the Bronte bros. Also, they are called the Bronte bros because they are located in Bronte.

Then, the Bronze Bros studied the New Zealand Rugby game and sought to bring the same concept to Australia’s local communities. Through this process, they could relax the rigid immigration process, and they are a force to reckon with in Australian Rugby today.

C-Town Wingmen

C-town wingmen participated in the 2012 Bondi Tens championship and other matches before then.  The team consists of players that are indigents and others that are immigrants. They are excellent players with great skills.

The C-town wingmen started in 1962 after the return of particular Aussies from North Queensland, and they decided to test-run the rugby game they were exposed to during their sojourn in Queens. The Aussies were also friends.

Today, the team’s rugby game performance is awe-inspiring, and everyone looks forward to seeing them during Sydney sevens.

Hammerheads Rugby club

Hammerheads Rugby club is a sub-division of a big rugby team which is now defunct. It was created to solve the big team’s problem (the defunct club was extensive and not inclusive).

The team has significantly improved and has participated in several draws.

ARAS (All Red All-stars) club

ARAS is one of Sydney’s most famous clubs, and the players are nicknamed “red nuts.” They are known for their excellent skills in Rugby in and outside Sydney. Although their journey has not been smooth, they have participated in several successful tournaments.

2012 Bondi Tens Draw

The 2012 Bondi Ten Draw was a significant event. During the draw, there were eight pools in total containing four teams in a pool. They were grouped as


Tattersalls, red Indians, balmoral, and Bronte Bros


Scott OB, Bunyips, Newcastle & Hunter, and Bondi T-rex


Phantoms, HOGs, Punters, and Old Prograds.


Sydney jumbucks, brothers, and creepy pigs


Hammerheads, deadwood, tabubil cats, and manly raptors


Fire Brigade, Toucans, BOBs, and C-T wingmen


All reds, Delta Demons, Country Baba’s, and Crofty Cuts


Slippery Gypsies, Ramrod team, KB’s, and NSW Crows