Bondi Tens Rugby Championship


About Us

Bondi Rugby Tens Championship is a sports event that has become a permanent feature of the rugby game season calendar and happens in Sydney. It is a famous event that attracts a lot of people from home and extending overseas gradually. It involves a cup competition among local clubs, including Birdsville Toucans, Balmoral Rugby club, Brothers team, Bronte Bros, C-town Wingmen, and ARAS club.

Bondi Tens Championship is involved with several activities that are not limited to:

The Sydney Seven Weekend

The Sydney seven weekend is the major event that involves competition among various clubs for the Bondi Tens rugby championship cup. 

The Ladies Night

The Ladies’ night is one of the event highlights during the championship and lasts until two days after. The program officially introduces the Sydney Sevens that happens on the weekend.

Therefore, it is quite eventful and creates awareness for the annual cup championship.

Pool Matches

It involves dividing teams into pools to compete against the other. It usually takes place on the second day of Sydney sevens. Like all matches, pool matches are played at Woollahra.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote rugby activities beyond Sydney and Australia subsequently. We hope to create more awareness and convince the world that football transcends what it seems to be through our actions.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to increase individual participation in Rugby across the country.

Our Values

Bondi tens rugby championship is based on specific rules and principles that have coordinated and sustained the game. The values include


One of the values we hold in high esteem that sustain the show for a long time is neutrality. We treat all clubs, teams, and officials equally, and therefore, we have avoided conflicts over the years. Also, our scoring results have received undisputed credits.


We encourage discipline among players and field officials for peaceful coexistence and professionalism. There are rules laid down and sanctions imposed for enforcement and to enforce discipline.


Our transparent dealings are made easier because of our neutrality in games. All participating audience is informed of the game rules, especially scoring, and therefore, the process is very transparent.


Usually, clubs train their players in the spirit of sportsmanship. To avoid conflict and ensure peaceful coexistence, teamwork and cooperation are crucial elements in sports.


It refers to respect for team members, respect for the opposing team, respect for coaches and everyone around.

It brings about mutual understanding and cooperation.

Good Leadership

Every successful event is a product of good coordination skills and management. The league leaders oversee Bondi Tens Championship, and poor leadership would quickly lead to poor management of matters and poor preparation.

Good Team

To put the event together involves several committees, including the medical rescue team, referees, and other officials. A good team makes a good show. Over the years, the league leaders have been selective with the people they put on their team.

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