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Rugby Championship

Welcome to the Bondi Rugby Tens Championship Official Page

Bondi Rugby Tens Championship is a sports event that has become a permanent feature of the rugby game season calendar and happens in Sydney. It is a famous event that attracts a lot of people from home and extending overseas gradually. It involves a cup competition among local clubs, including Birdsville Toucans, Balmoral Rugby club, Brothers team, Bronte Bros, C-town Wingmen, and ARAS club.


Rugby operates similarly to a football game, and therefore, several tournaments and events make up a season. A significant event often associated with Bondi Tens is its Rugby ten’s championship game.


A regular rugby competition team comprises fifteen players. Also, a league consists of several teams or clubs—the following forms a league of Bondi tens championship teams since 2012.


As with all games, rules are principles guiding the game of Rugby.  The rules cover regulations for the tournament rounds, the composition of teams, timing, and rugby football’s great ten laws.


You can keep up with live updates, scores, fixtures, and results here. However, these updates are only limited to Rugby games in Sydney. The fixtures also involve various local clubs in Sydney, mainly as it concerns the Cup Championship. The clubs include Sydney jumbucks, tattersalls club, ramrod, the Red Indians, etc.

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Referees are common characteristics of most games that are charged with enforcing the rules of the game and coordinating the players during the game. The referees may also impose sanctions on erring players. There is a maximum of three referees in all rugby games- a referee and two touch judges (assistant referees). In exceptional cases, the officials may exceed three.


To guarantee all players’ safety, we have provided a stand-by medical team to cater to them in case of any injuries or emergencies. The medical team are experts from the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. The Medical team comes around with necessary materials, tools and equipment.


Bondi Tens also cater for the players’ travels and accommodation. Often, players complain about having tight schedules, and the immediate solution proffered is fixing matches of the same community a few days apart. Also, games are set by different clubs and leagues and often take place across the country. Hence, players have to travel from time to time and lodge against the tournament date.